Obstacle Course Race

Designed by Navy Seals for everyday People to test themselvesΒ 

Upcoming Races

June 29, 2024

Catamount, Ma/NY

August 31, 2024

Lewisberry, PA

October 26, 2024

Concord, NC

Stop Waiting. Get After It

Conquer your first OCR

Ready to take on the challenge?

Dive into our comprehensive guide, crafted to prepare you for an unforgettable adventure at your first BONEFROG Obstacle Course Race.

Our guide will transform you from a race-day rookie to a mud-splattered conqueror.

At some point, you will run your first Obstacle Course Race so why not now?Β 

Don’t miss this chance to unleash your true potential and join the ranks of OCR warriors. The journey starts here!

Everybody on the course was so friendly and everybody volunteering for them was so encouraging and excited to be a part of this. It was an atmosphere filled with brand loyalty and genuine love for the sport. Thank you so much, BONEFROG, for the best racing experience of my OCR career.




What makes you different?

We are focused on the community and we want to grow the sport… not just our brand! We desire to work with others in the OCR community to present the best possible outcome for the athletes.

Is this a mandatory completion race or can we burpee/penalty out?

It’s called an OBSTACLE course race, not a burpee race! Therefore, ALL ELITE/COMPETITIVE ATHLETES will be held to 100% mandatory completion of obstacles. HOWEVER… some obstacles may require a penalty IN ADDITION to a retry (think 20 squats before retrying) with as many attempts as needed but with a penalty each time. OPEN WAVES ARE ENCOURAGED BUT NOT REQUIRED to give it their best, attempt every obstacle, and complete the penalty… but ultimately, it is your race. You do you. Competitive athletes that cannot complete an obstacle and decide to throw in the towel will give up their wrist band and be removed from competitive standings. They, like the open waves, may still continue the race doing what they can! (*In the event that less than 3 people have 100% completion in any category or age group in the elite/competitive waves, we will NOT move to non-complete finishers. So if only 2 people in an age group have 100% completion, there will only be 2 people on the podium! 100% completion is mandatory for awards and prizes – but everyone gets a finisher medal!)

Are there prizes and awards? Cash? Age Group?!

The Elite Waves have overall and age-group prizes.

What is there to do other then Run The Race?

There are tons of things happening and we are working to make it better and better. More details coming soon.

BONEFROG Obstacles

Rolling Thunder

Jump over elevated rolling tires to the other side.Β 

Black Ops

Climb 10’ wall onto platform. Jump up and traverse 25’ of monkey bars to the other side without falling into the safety net. Dismount onto platform and go down ladder.

Rope Climb

Ascend rope to top of structure. Hit bell signifying you’ve made it to the top and descend in a controlled manner to the ground.


Traverse spinning monkey bars that simulate helicopter blades to the other side without touching the ground.

Cargo Net

Ascend cargo net up and over the top and descend down the other side.

More Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more amazing obstacles!



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